September 21, 2010

A Full Year Of Changes And A Half Year Of Total Bliss

So, 9/5/2010 made a full year that I have been back in North West Arkansas and 9/4/10 made a half year that Bejan and I have been "officially" together! I must say, sometimes I stop and cannot believe I moved back here.  I never thought I would leave Lubbock again.  The amazing thing is  I made all of my decisions totally based on God's guidance!  I followed His lead when I moved to Lubbock and I followed His lead when I moved back to Arkansas.  During all of these moves and changes, I couldn't understand what He was doing.  Why was he moving me back and forth!?  Even though at the time, I didn't know the answers, I knew that I just had to trust Him!

Now I realize that if NONE of those decisions had been made, then there is no telling where my life would be and how out of His plan it would be!  He had to take me on a slight detour back to Lubbock to get me where I am now.  The timing of everything has been phenomenal!  All of the steps have been aligned right with His plan and it is the most amazing feeling FINALLY feel that I am RIGHT WHERE HE WANTS ME!  The doors of opportunity that have opened up in the last year have been amazing!  With modeling, work/school, Bejan, and the relationships/friendships that are in my life. 

I couldn't be happier and I KNOW that I would not be this happy had I not ever moved to Texas and then back to Arkansas.  I think that is EXACTLY how God intended it to be in order to get me in the David Glass building at Wal-Mart.  Had I not started to work there, I wouldn't be with Bejan, wouldn't have some of the greatest friendships in the world, nor would I be moving towards the career I want at Wal-Mart.  Of course I can't forget being closer to my sister and being able to really form a bond with her and have that sister relationship/friendship that we always wanted.  It's such a blessing to be close to her family logistically and being able to watch their little family grow!

It is just so amazing how life works and falls into place when we pray and follow His guidance!  Trust me, some of the decisions I have had to make in the last year have been some of the hardest ones but with strength and FAITH, I did what I knew God was guiding me to do. I stood my ground and I remained faithful and strong in all of my decisions.....even when I had others against my choices....I stood strong in my choices and now I couldn't be happier!!!!!  Life is sooooo phenomenal and I owe my wonderful life and all the blessings to God!  He's done so much for me.....His love is AMAZING!!!!!

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