July 2, 2010

Busy, Chaotic, Crazy, Ridiculous, Fast, Exhausted......Three Day Weekend!!!!!!!

Well, I haven't really been online that much in the last week. I've been SOOOOO busy with getting things in order and just enjoying life! I have found that I actually enjoy life so much more when I'm not totally obsessed with hopping on the internet. I even fasted getting on my phone internet. I actually was engaged more in conversations and just really found it to be more amazing.....I actually enjoyed my time with friends and family SO MUCH MORE and felt like I have been giving people the 100% attention we all deserve. So, gonna hope to keep that going! It's so hard to not want to hop on fb and see what everybody is up to and blah blah blah but after the first two days of forcing myself to NOT get on the internet.....it was pretty easy!

So, I'm on my lunch with NO lunch plans. This doesn't happen very often. So, I'm using this time to catch up with my online peeps and catch you guys up with my life!

Well a lot has been going on. Been meeting with my two different mentors. I have one from Church and one from work and I am learning SO much and really getting things going in the direction I went them to be going. I finally know where I want my career at Wal-Mart to be going and I'm getting things in order for it to head that direction, so I'm really excited.

I got a call yesterday from my Mom that they will be putting Woodstock down. This has totally crushed me and broken my heart! I've had that dog for 14 almost 15 years. That guy has been through EVERYTHING with me! My very first boyfriend gave him to me in high school! He's just so old and he's starting to suffer and nobody wants that for him. He's such a sweet little guy. We want his last moments in life to be peaceful! My heart has been aching for him but I know this will be best.

I'm so ready for a three day weekend. Bej and I have both been so busy and he's working on a huge project, so we've both just been so crazy busy. We have only seriously spent like one hour together in the last week and I'm ready to spend the weekend with him and just lay back and relax. We'll be hanging out with his friends tonight, Third Eye Blind concert tomorrow night, and BBQ with his family on Sunday! It will be the first time meeting the family, so I'm super excited! Although, his Mom and little brother and I have been communicating on FB for the last few months. So, I kinda feel like I already know them but it will be good to actually meet them in person and get to know them! I know they are all such wonderful people. You're typical good ol' fashioned family! LOVE IT!

Well, guess I better eat my yummy Jimmy Johns before my boss gets angry since he bought me lunch today!

Have a great 4th everybody! BE SAFE!!!!! YAY 3 DAY WEEKEND!!!!! YIPPY!

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