September 9, 2012

Family Night At The Park with Britt Nicole, Yes please!

I have been an awful blogger lately!  I've just been so busy with work and getting ready for an exciting Fall Session teaching classes at the Christian Women's Job Corp.......and when I'm not busy, I want to spend quality time with Michael!  

I haven't had a chance to write about the Britt Nicole concert!  I absolutely adore Britt Nicole!  She's such an inspiration and her music has witnessed to me during so many different seasons of my life!  She is one of my MOST favorite Christian artists, so when I heard she was going to be at The Naturals game there was NO way I could pass that up! 

I'm so thankful to have such a sweet boyfriend who truly has a desire to see me happy.  Michael doesn't listen to too much Christian music.  Every once in a while I will walk outside on the back deck while he is out working on something and he will have KLOVE on and he has gotten to where he listens to it a little bit in the mornings before work, HOWEVER it isn't always his first choice of music.  So, I know taking me to see Britt Nicole wasn't something he was absolutely ecstatic about but he was happy to jump at an opportunity to see me smile.  For this, I love him dearly!  I am positive this man just wants to see me happy, no matter what sacrifice he has to make! I'm truly blessed! 

Logan and Crystal went along with us and we really had a GREAT time with one of our most favorite couples!  Michael and I are really blessed to have these guys as good friends in our lives!  They are both so super sweet and such a blessing! 

It was so awesome to see so many hands up praising God!  It was moving to see her move so many with her beautiful God given talents! 



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