August 21, 2010

Bye Bye Stressful Week....HELLO Wonderful Weekend

So, this has been a very stressful weekend!  Very somber and sad office and the stressor of a new boss all rolled into one!  We made it through the week though and NOW it's weekend time!!!!  Bejan started the weekend off WONDERFUL for us!  He's so romantic! :)  He surprised me with a wonderful steak dinner and we stayed in and watched our favorite show....Forensic Files...haha!  We're nerds, we know!

Today we are filled with birthday parties and friends!  Tomorrow, checking out a new Church!  Hopefully I will like the one I check out tomorrow.  Praying for a Church home soon!  Hope everybody has a WONDERFUL weekend!  I'm about to get me some WINGS!!! YUM YUM!

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