August 22, 2010

I Wanna Feel God Again

So, confession lately I haven't been feeling that close to God.  I've been praying and doing Bible Study still but I really do think this not connecting with a Church is really effecting my spiritual walk.  Obviously God is still my rock, my Father, my best friend....but I have to admit, I do feel a sense of emptiness by not being connected with other Christians the way I was at CLC.  It really does make a difference in my spiritual walk and I think I finally really realized the impact it is having on me. 

A part of me is starting to feel numb and feeling like I am just going through the motions.  I don't want to feel that way.  I want to feel God totally and utterly in my life and in my spirit again.  Something has been lacking lately and I'm pretty sure it's this disconnect with other followers.  So, with that being said, I am really really going to be on the Church hunt.  My goal is to have a Church home by Thanksgiving.  I've been looking all summer and so surely I will have one by then.  That gives me a couple of months.  I miss small groups and connecting and having accountability partners.  It's a big part of my Christian walk that I miss, so keep me in your prayers everybody!!!  

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