August 16, 2010

Life Is Precious

The past couple of weeks have been crazy chaotic. We got Bejan moved two weekends ago and we got me moved last weekend. Although, I have spent maybe four hours at my home in Springdale, I know Bejan feels so much better with me NOT living alone. I moved in with Daniel and Jason because they are two of my best friends and because Bejan hated me living alone. So, basically, I have two homes....haha. One in Springdale and one in Bentonville. Which, Bejan has totally gotten this place together. 

I cannot get over how amazingly blessed I am! He is the most wonderful person that I know! He works so hard and is so super smart and is so motivated to give us the life that we both have always wanted! Our dreams and goals are right on track with one another! God's hand is over us in every aspect! We have such a pure and peaceful relationship that is really based on mutual love and respect. So amazing!  I have never met somebody so attentive and so gentle and precious and caring.  He is genuinely a good person in all aspects!!!  I honestly think he has the greatest morals and values of anybody I have ever met in my life.  Maybe he's just perfect in my eyes but he is pretty perfect to me.....and for me! :)

We got one of my best friends married last week! It was such a beautiful and intimate service. You could feel the Lord's spirit there so strong. Hailey looked beautiful! The wedding just consisted of her bridal party and hers and Austin's parents. Very small and intimate wedding but just the way Hailey had always imagined her beautiful day would be. Her and Austin had their first kiss during the ceremony and it was really really precious knowing that they stayed so pure throughout their year and half of courtship. What a blessing their relationship is to young Godly couples! Inspiration!

Friday, our building went through a tragedy and it really hit home for Bejan and me. After work we talked about it and decided that we would try our hardest to enjoy our weekend and really appreciate one another and just keep the family in our thoughts and prayers and really let this be a time to reflect on all that is important. That's what we did, however getting back to work today was really hard and things really really hit us all like a ton of bricks. I can't even imagine losing a hurts my heart just thinking about the pain that wonderful family is going through. I know it has really shaken up the town of Bentonville. It really hits home when you know the sweet family and you know what amazing people they are. Tragedies like this always make me just want to tell everybody I love them and makes me just want to forgive anybody that has ever hurt me or upset me and just pray for my friends, family, and any enemies I might have out there. Nobody deserves to go through any kind of pain. Life is so precious and any choice we make can change our whole life forever. Makes me want to slow down and make sure I am always mindful of what I am doing and the choices I make. It's just so awful!

Not only did our department have a heavy heart for the tragic accident that happened on Friday but we also lost our Sr. Director to a job downstairs.....I am so close to my boss. I've been his assistant for about a year now and we've really grown fond of one another. He's like a second father to me. I'm sad to see him leave but very happy for his new opportunity AND I might be down there with him in two months when I'm able to transfer, so.....I'm good. I am sure I will love my new boss.

Well, that's it for now.  About to go to bed.  Bej ran me a long hot bubble bath earlier and now I am totally relaxed and ready to sleep.  So, I'll go to sleep tonight with a heavy heart for an amazing family who is hurting but also a peaceful heart knowing that God will take care of them, some how and some way.  Life is precious and I am so appreciative of the blessings in my life.  I hope everybody will take a moment to slow down and really think about what life really means to you and just grasp anything positive and good and let go of anything that may bring you anger, bitterness, jealousy, or unforgiveness.  Life is too short to hold on to things that have NO importance.  Embrace your life and the amazing things in it!  Realize that life is precious and people are important no matter what.  Choices have value and can change a life.  One second or one bad move can change everything.

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