September 19, 2010

Matt's Birthday

I had an amazing weekend this weekend!  Friday night we just sat at home and relaxed. Bejan and I caught up on some of our shows and of course watched Forensic  Yesterday we enjoyed a great time with the Fox's and many other amazing friends! Happy Birthday MATT!!!  I had a chance to sit down and really get to know some amazing women.

Bej and I got home and stayed up the rest of the night/morning talking.  We had the most amazing discussion about our spirituality and God....I love when we have those deep discussions!  I realize more and more how brilliant this guy is!  He is seriously good to the CORE!  I can't say that about many people but I can about him!  So, now we are just ending the weekend by staying home and RELAXING!  I'm actually watching some Family Guy at the moment and about to get caught up on my soaps....hehe!  Happy Sunday All!!!

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