October 7, 2010

day 12- how you found out about blogger and why you have one

Oh, this is an interesting one.....which is why I would rather not get into but..... I will say when I was directed to a specific blog entry.... I started looking around the site and loved the idea of having a place to blog and write.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE to write and I LOVE looking at other people's writings.  So, I started my own! I had actually started one before but never really knew how to use it or spent much time looking at the blog site.....but once I started looking at other people's blogs and figuring some of the neat things that you can do with it...I really got into it.  I love it! It's such a neat way to express yourself.  It's pretty cool.  I haven't recruited many friends to it yet but they look at mine when I connect it to my facebook, so maybe they will eventually start getting more involved in blogger! I love it!

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