October 14, 2010

day 18- plans/dreams/goals you have

I plan on being the best person possible.  To keep growing and learning about myself.  To keep evolving into this woman that I have always wanted to be.  I plan on admitting my wrongs and changing what I can about myself to better myself.  I plan on always showing others the respect and love they deserve. 

I dream of being exactly who I want to be and more!!!  I dream of having my own little family with beautiful children and a beautiful husband.  I dream of being the best sister, daughter, friend, family member, worker, and servant of God that I can be.  I dream of setting the world on fire for God!

My goals are to keep growing in my writing and photography, finish school, and to get into an amazing God guided missions ministry.  I also have goals here and there that I want to accomplish.....get a new car, finish my current book project and get it published, find a Church I want to join, run a marathon, join Jr. League here in Arkansas...... I'm sure there are more.  I am always writing stuff down that I want to do.

Life is good!

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