October 2, 2010

day 7- a picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you

My faith is has been the biggest impact on me and my life.  I haven't always been a good person and have had a lot of struggles.  I would say growing up the way I did left me confused on a lot of aspects in life.  For a long time I was an alcoholic, a liar, a MASTER manipulator, rude, and unhappy....(the list goes on, I'm sure).  I think had it not been for my faith in God, I wouldn't be who I am today.  I have stumbled along the way and the path getting to where I am today has been a rough road but no matter what......I have always had my faith.  God has loved me and given me so many chances to better myself and to live for Him.   He has revealed to me the outcome of being those ugly things and has shown me a better life and a better way to live.  The peace I have now amazes me and I know it is because of the lessons I have learned and the changes I have made in the last few years.  God has shown me how much better life is when we are good and pure and honest. I am so happy and have so many blessings that I can honestly say, I don't deserve this life.  That's how I know God loves me sooooo much!  He has been able to forgive me and show mercy on me and bless me.  He continues to love me and to show me the RIGHT way to live and the RIGHT way to treat others.  It has been a learning process and I am still a work in progress but I am becoming the woman I have always wanted to be!  My faith is what has gotten me where I am now and without it, life would be AWFUL!

Thank you God for your undying love and for YOUR faith in me!

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