December 17, 2010

Tis The Season......For A Jolly Update

I just love the holidays ~ the lights, colors, joy in the air, shopping, and Christmas music!!! I've been super busy but life sure has been great! I started off my holiday season with going to Ladie's Night with my sister and some of her friends. The fashion show was cute and the time with girlfriends was priceless!

I got to spend Thanksgiving with some special friends!  Love this family!

The guy in the blue is grandma's twin brother! Isn't that cute)!?  I took all his money in poker! I must say, I'm a pretty damn good poker player! =)

Well, no Christmas holiday would be complete without hosting a party to help a friend with her home business.  So, I threw a Scentsy Party for my friend, Laura!  It was fun....Got to spend some girl time with the girls AND I got LOTS of free stuff!

Last weekend we went to our first Christmas party of the season.  Matt and Jennifer threw an amazing Christmas party with great food and fun games!  Sister won a Razorback Wreath!

I got an early Christmas gift! 

and here are some pictures taken with my new camera!


I was also blessed to hear my sister speak at More Than Just A Meal Women's Christian Luncheon a few weeks back.  She gave her testimony and how she came to Christ......and it was beautiful.  She was so articulate and so graced with God's wisdom and goodness!  I have never been more proud of her!

I also went on a photo shoot a few weeks back.  I had not done one in so long....I almost forgot how to do it.  It was cold and I was in pain from having an ovarian cyst but I was out there working my butt off!  It was worth it and Lisa got some amazing she normally does!  She's such a good photographer. 


Well, this is my update!  Hope you all have an amazing Christmas!  I know I will!!!!!

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