February 2, 2011

It's A Blizzard! Oh My!

I haven't updated in a while and since I'm snowed in and bored....thought I would give my blog a little updatey!

I cannot believe it is about to be Valentine's already. Seems like I am just getting over the Christmas holidays and here it is, February already! Crazy how time flies!

Bejan and I did spend our first Christmas together and it was fantastic! We welcomed in a new Kahkesh kid, Miss Karma Kahkesh! She is so precious! Spending Christmas with the Kahkesh family was really amazing! I'm so close to them and really do consider them my family already! Vickie is also one of the most amazing cooks and amazing decorator! The house was amazing and her Christmas tree was BREATH TAKING!!!!!!

By the way....I must say watching Bejan with his new niece was the CUTEST thing I had ever seen in my life! He's gonna be such a great daddy some day!

It was a great Christmas....besides spending it with one of the most amazing families I know...I got everything I asked for for Christmas.....my camera, Uggs, and gift certificates to all the places my little heart desires!  Yes, I'm truly blessed!

What was more of a blessing was watching the kiddos!  We had so much fun with them!  Children really are what makes the Christmas season joyful!

I also got to meet another one of Bejan's closest friends during the Christmas holiday, Natasha!  We met Natasha, her boyfriend Justin, and Nick out Christmas Day and we had a great time! Natasha and I became instant friends and she is now one of my best friends!  It was amazing how well we clicked!  I seriously think she's a long lost sister!

Upon returning from Edmond we get home and I decide the house was smelling like it had been left alone for the past three days, so I decide to plug in my Scentsy Melter.....as I'm cutting out the blocks, I accidentally stabbed my finger.  Had to have two stitches and ran around with my finger wrapped up for three weeks.  Trust me, I made it pretty with ribbons that matched my outfit every day.  Bejan was a good sport about helping me wrap it every day too. 

We spent New Year's Eve with some of our closest friends; Jason, Heather, Jonathan, Sean, and Tayla.  We had a great time and all stayed out of trouble!

We had New Year's Day lunch with my sister and the McClure's.  I also got to give Tait his Christmas present and he LOVED it.....well, I think his parents liked it more! HAHA

The month of January has been a really chaotic and eventful month.  I started my new position with my old boss.  Luckily I got to stay in my same building and just moved down one floor.  So far it has kept me busy but I am learning a lot and really enjoy my new co-workers. 

We also had a tragic event happen.  Bejan's dad had a heart attack and had to have triple bypass surgery.  It was really scary but he did come out of the surgery well and is doing AMAZING! He's home and walking and doing great!  We went down to visit last weekend and he was even able to get out and have lunch with us!  God is amazing and has really been healing and blessing Manooch with a speedy recovery! 

We have also had some CRAZY snow storms!  We've been stuck at home for two days and I have a STRONG feeling that we will be home tomorrow also!  The snow didn't seem to melt one bit and there is about a foot of it out there!  It's been really relaxing BUT I am starting to get cabin fever!  Bejan's been able to work from home, so he's kept himself busy while I have been keeping myself busy with tv, picture editing, and the internet!  Woohoo!

Well, gonna get back to my Law And Order Special Victim's Unit marathon.  Happy Blizzard Week everybody!

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