April 27, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday: One Door Closes and Another One Opens

I'm Loving that I have had a tough week yet I'm still trying to keep my head up and learn from it.  God has a lesson in this and I am determined to see it. 

I'm Loving that I'm starting to realize what I need in my life and I'm ready to let go of what I don't need.  Sometimes our hearts make us hold on so tight to a dream but in reality the dream we're  holding onto is a complete nightmare.  Sometimes we need to give ourselves a reality check and see things and people for what they really are.  I thank God for all that He is revealing to me.

I'm Loving that I have recently had a chance to get closure with somebody from my past and that the closure is opening another door for us.  Another door that I thought would never be opened. 

I'm Loving that we just never know what life will bring.  My heart hurts right now but I know that God will heal it and that His will shall be done.  He never lets me down and I know He has a plan for me and that everything that I have been through is to get me to where He wants me.

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