May 22, 2011

Day 16: Love Intercedes

This has been by far my favorite day so far.  So much that it has been my Day 16 for a while now......I couldn't stop and I won't either but I realize I must move on with the lesson. 

My most favorite thing to do is to pray for somebody.  We all need prayer and I know that there have been lots of somebodies out there praying for me over the years.  I wouldn't be where I am had there not been.  Love intercedes and if we can all capture this thought and live by it every day.....I think this world would be a better place.  Our relationships with others would be better and our relationship with God tighter. 

We can't change people but God can.  We can't change situations but God can.  If we give God the lead, He can do ANYTHING in our lives!  Trust me, I've witnessed it......I have lived it!

We cannot change somebody but we can be "wise farmers".  A farmer cannot force a seed to grow into a fruitful crop.  He cannot manipulate it or whine it to bear fruit.  However, a farmer can plant it, water it, feed it nutrients and wait for God to grow it. 

"You are to nurture the soil of your mate's heart and then depend on God for the results."

While we are waiting for God to move, we must pray.  We must intercede on our loved ones behalf and pray for growth and amazing change and have FAITH that God WILL do His part.  It might not happen as quickly as we would like or even as we think it should but God is always working behind the scenes.  He is always doing what is good for all!  His will shall be done if we give Him the reigns to lead. 

"Prayer really does work. It's a spiritual phenomenon created by an unlimited, powerful God.  And it yields amazing results."

Pray instead of quitting.  Pray instead of nagging.  Pray instead of demanding.  Pray instead of manipulating.  Allow prayer and the hand of God to bring peace to your storms, answer to your questions, and change to your desires. 

One of the most loving things you can do for a loved one is pray for them. 

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find it; knock, and it will be opened to you." Matthew 7:7

Start off by praying for three specific areas where you feel that God can work in the other's life.  Is it that they aren't a believer?  That's obviously the first thing you should seek God's help in.  Do they lack balance?  Do they have unforgiveness in their heart?  Give it to God and ask for guidance and ask for a breakthrough!  Be specific in your prayer.  God wants us to be specific.  He wants to make sure that the desires of our hearts are aligned with His and we must be specific with Him.  Sure He knows our every thought and our every wish and every secret we have buried deep down but He wants us to seek that closeness with Him, to build that trust with Him. 

Prayer.  Love intercedes.

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