June 5, 2011

Alphabet Me

Ambition:  Live Love Laugh

Bad Habit: over sleeping
City: Springdale, AR/Bentonville, AR
Drink: Coke

Education: Texas Tech University - Psychology
Food: junk food thanks!

Guilty Pleasure: sodas and trash TV
Hometown: Lubbock, Texas
Ice Cream: chocolate dipped coned

Jonesing for: a ring on my finger from the love of my life :)   (YES I said.....I admit it....bleh)

Kryptonite: love

Look-a-like: I've been told Penelope Cruz and a brunette Denise Richards - I see neither of those but I do see Lindsay Koreman soap star .....my friends back home used to call me Theresita (her character in Passions)

Movie: Superbad, Step Brothers, Hangover (I'm a sucker for trashy comedy)
Nickname: Crys, Cryssie, CG, Li'l C, Pickle
Obsession: Fashion

Perfume: VS Dream Angels Heavenly
Quirk: germs
Regret: none really
Starbucks: hot chocolate
Thrift Find of the Year: 30 dollars for some amazing Guess cream colored heels :)  THESE are them too!

University: Guns Up for my Red Raiders!!!!!

Vacation: beach please?
Wine: yum
X: boyfriend?  they are ex's for a reason.....not really sure what this "X" is for haha
Years: 33 AH, I'm getting old but I feel so young! :)

Zen: when I'm in prayer

Anybody else wanna alphabet with me? :)

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