June 28, 2011

Long Time No Update

I just realized that I haven't given an update in literally MONTHS!!!! I'm pretty sure since January! So, thought I would give an update....

We celebrated my favorite little boy, Tait McClure!!  His party was so much fun and so cute! I love that little guy so much!

Soon after that we celebrated.....ME!  I had a wonderful Girl's Birthday night and a couple of days later my  boyfriend put together a Birthday Dinner with some of my closest friends!  It was nice and he did GREAT!  His Mom also threw me a surprise birthday party in Oklahoma.  That was amazing and such a wonderful surprise! 

March 4th I got my amazing Daisy!

Along with all of the birthday and anniversary celebrating, I also said "see you later" to one of my best friends.  Haley moved to Ponca with her husband.  We had one final girl's day while she lived in town BUT it will not be our last girl's day.  She has promised to visit me frequently and I her.

So along with all of the celebrating and good times.  I have also had some bad times. 
There have been great times and not so great times over the last few months but with each day, I find myself growing stronger.  Sometimes I wake up and not really sure where the road is leading but I know my God is with me. 

Time to go to bed.....hopefully it will not be another six months before I give an update.  I'm sure I left TONS of things off, so I need to make sure to update more often.

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