July 16, 2011

Day 19: Love Is Impossible

Yes, I have clearly stuck on Day 19 for..... oh a few months now. Don't ask me why but I really had to stay on this one day. God is so wonderful how He works though because staying on this and really learning more about fasting went totally hand in hand.

"Like it or not agape love isn't something you can do.  It's only something God can do."

Day 19 asks for you to seek and ask God where you stand with Him.  So, I thought, "THAT'S easy!  I know exactly where I stand with God." This statement is true, however, I was not standing with Him where I thought I was or HOW I thought I should.  He wants so much more from me.  So, as I took my day 19 and turned them into days of seeking how to stand with Him where HE wants me to stand, I also began to fully understand about the three things God asks for us; giving, praying, and fasting.  So, I start seeking more about fasting not at all thinking about where I stand with Him, I realize that fasting is the threefold cord, I've been missing in my life.

"A threefold cord is not quickly broken."  Ecclesiastes 4:12

Giving, praying, and fasting.  I'm learning about fasting and starting to realize that fasting brings a miraculous provision, favor, and a closeness with God like no other.  As I'm getting this fasting thing, I start to think about my Love Journey and how true it is, love IS impossible with out God.  I start to think about people in my life who aren't saved or have no desire to have a relationship with God and I start thinking about the things that go wrong in their life and the things that make them unhappy and I start to realize that I have not been loving them right.  Sure, I pray for them but I pray more for them to take notice of their "faults" and to change but I never pray for their salvation.  I never love them enough to pray and fast for their hearts to be totally touched by the hand of God because only when we truly have the power of God in our lives can our hearts truly change for the better. 

So, Day 19 finally gave me a breakthrough after weeks and weeks of being on the same day.  I realized that to truly love somebody is to give, pray, and fast for their salvation.  To pray that they too will be able to feel the amazing feeling of loving THROUGH Him and not ourselves.  When we love through only our own understanding of love, it tends to become jealous, selfish, thoughtless.....but to love through God we can share a pure, selfless, thoughtful, and precious love. 

"This is impossible, but with God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26

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