November 5, 2011

First Friday On The Square Is Over For The Year

First Friday on the Square has come to an end.  Today was the last one for the year and I couldn't be more sad.  Last month was Oktoberfest and this month was Disney/Toy Land theme!  My sister and I went both last month and this month and had such a wonderful time.  Last month we met Bryan and the girls there and we had so much fun with them!  They are two of the most adorable little girls I know!  Love them! 

We always start off the night with a corn dog or (as seen below) a funnel cake and their delish lemonade!!!

Tonight my sister and I went down to the square to see TOW-MATER!!! WOHOO!!! LOVE HIM!!!!

So, now we can start getting ready for cold weather and ice skating!  I just heart this time of the year!

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