February 19, 2012

My Girlfriends Are The Best Valentines

So this year I enjoyed celebrating Valentine's Day with friends.  Jenny and I decorated the office and our bosses were NOT fans of it but they allowed us to enjoy the red and pink office for a couple of weeks.  Of course the next day, they begged us to take the red and pink love stuff down. 

Along with early decorating, some of the girls and I decided to have an early Valentine's Girl's Dinner at Table Mesa.  It was SO YUMMY and it was a blessing to spend some amazing time with some of my favorite girls.

So, I knew a lot of the other assistants would be celebrating V-Day solo and thought it would be a nice little treat if we were able to enjoy the holiday even if we did not have a "significant other" to celebrate with.  So, I launched a "Secret Valentine" event for us to celebrate with one another.  This was much like a "Secret Santa" type deal.  Jenny drew my name and I had three wonderful days of beautiful Valentine's day gifts from my good friend.

This year, I really embraced being single and embraced knowing that love isn't just about romance but it is about the people around us and who bring joy and value into our lives.  I am so blessed with amazing friendships and it was a great day to honor the ones I love and hold dear to my heart, my girls!!!!!!

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