February 18, 2012

Saying Goodbye To A Friend While She Says Hello To Her New And Improved Life

A week ago today one of my bestest friends ever moved away.  We were able to hang out Thursday night before she left.  We tried to have sushi once a week or every other week to have girl catch up and so it only made sense for us to have some Sushi from SUSHI KING! YUM!!!!!!! 

Kirsten has become one of my greatest and dearest friends and I already miss her so badly!  We met at Wal-Mart Facilitator School thinking we were both there to learn and possibly advance in our WM careers, it turns out that God had a more important plan.  He introduced us into one another's life and it's funny how the "desire" we both had to facilitate at WM died away after we graduated.  We're both convinced that God designed the whole setting.  I don't know what I did before with out Kisten's friendship.  She will definitely be a lifer!!!! Miss and love ya Kirsten!!!!!

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