February 15, 2012

Who Says Short Girls Can't Model In Bridal Shows?

So last year I was turned down to strut my shortcake self on the cat walk in a Bridal show because I was "too short" but THIS year God blessed me with the opportunity to finally model in a bridal show.  Maybe it was the fact that I was told "no" that made my desire to walk in a Bridal show super strong but for the past year, I have been a little pissed about being told "no, you are too short honey." 

When I was asked to walk in this show, I was beyond excited. Eeeeeee!  I met some wonderful new friends and had a blast playing dress up and getting all dolled up in beautiful dresses and being a princess for a day!

Shannon and I had so much fun at the fitting.  We tried on so many beautiful dresses and we were not really sure which dresses we would end up wearing for the show but we knew which ever ones, we would have an amazing time. 

The first dress I modeled was a beautiful white wedding dress that was absolutely GORGEOUS! 

The second dress I modeled was a BEAUTIFUL purple Quincenera dress!  IT WAS GORGEOUS and I felt like a Disney Princess in it....yes, I said that, whatevs!

One of my best girlfriends and her sweet husband showed up to support me and little did I know there were actually three in this picture of Cindy and me.  Indeed, little cupcake IS in this pic with us! Super excited!

After the show, some of the models enjoyed a little after party to celebrate the success of a great show!

Who says short gals can't model!!!! WORD!

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