July 20, 2012

High Five For Friday ~ Productive and Play

I love my blogger friends and the cute daily things they have going!  High Five For Friday by Lauren is where we blog five favorite things from the week!  This should be easy and fun!!!!

High Five number ONE:

Being extremely productive during the week!  Got some  house cleaning done, worked on photography, spent lots of time with friends, got some writing done for my book that my publisher is pushing to be ready by Christmas (sigh), got some bills paid, and some major grocery shopping done....oh and some shopping done for my friend's baby shower on Sunday. 

High Five number TWO:

Realizing how blessed I am to work everyday with these three lovely ladies

High Five number THREE:

Getting to watch these babies grow up.  They have been living in a nest above our door for the last few weeks.  They are now flying around but they are so cute.  I'm a proud momma and will be so sad when they finally leave the nest for good but for now, I am highly enjoying them living right outside the door!

High Five number FOUR:

Getting to spend time and act like children for a night with these guys

High Five Number FIVE:

Being loved by these guys

I'm pretty sure I'm a very blessed gal!

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