July 28, 2012

High Five For Friday ~ Tough Times Calls For.....Love!

High Five Number One:

I have had a rough week and this week, I realized how much this man loves me!  It is amazing to finally have somebody to be by my side through all of life's trials!  He's amazing and truly God sent!

 High Five Number Two:

Having these ladies to be my prayer warriors and even if I haven't talked to them in detail about my week, I know they are praying for me and supportive of me! I couldn't ask for better girlfriends!

 P.S. I have no idea who that guy in the middle is....I just wanted a picture of my Punkin and Tortilla together.  haha

High Five Number Three:

My Faith!  Gets me through so much and I'm blessed with an amazing man, amazing family, and amazing friends!

High Five Number Four:

My AMAZING sister who has seen me at my worst and prays for my best.  We have had the usual sibling rivalry and we have loved and "disliked" one another...haha but it still remains that she is my best friend and I can tell her anything and I know she prays on my behalf and has helped me so much this week....even if she doesn't realize it! 

High Five Number Five:

All of the above wrapped up in one makes my life AMAZING and blessed!

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