August 2, 2012

Trash TV and Sappy Movies

It's ok that while feeling sick all week, I have thoroughly enjoyed trash TV. 

AND lots of Lifetime movies!

It's ok that I'm sick of being medicated.  I feel like a dope head and that's NOT cool!

It's ok if not everybody likes me.  Especially girls..... because girls are catty! 

It's OK that I'm highly medicated right now!

It's ok that I've been craving lemons like crazy this week.  I think I'm dehydrated. 

It's ok that I feel like watching Dirty Dancing.

It's ok that I plan on watching Lifetime ALL weekend and resting! BAM!


  1. Movies cheer me up too when i am down, they give me a vicarious experience :)

    Do come by say hi sometime!
    Just became a new follower of your blog,
    hope you can support me too! ^_^

    Luv, Elaine xx