April 25, 2010

Faith To A New Week

So, life has been so up and down the last few days. I'm just ready for a new week and hopefully for new things to start happening! I'm ready for my mission trip to be finalized so that I can relax knowing it IS happening this summer! I am ready to give back and to feel like my gifts are being utilized.

I've been sooooo stressed with my breaks being screwed up. We have seriously been trying to get these things fixed for the last three weeks and crazy things keep happening to where it doesn't happen. Hopefully Monday, we will have them fixed. I am sooooo tired of having to depend on Bej for rides. I know he doesn't mind but still, it's nice to have my own ride.

Haven't really been doing any photo shoots or modeling and I actually like it like that. My weekends have been for relaxing and spending time with my love and my friends, so I kind of don't miss devoting my weekends to hair and make up and photo shoots and shows. It's been nice just having them to myself again. Not sure I'm going back to it either. Guess I have a lot to think about....I hung up my cheer and dance shoes a couple of years back and I think I'm getting to a point where I'm ready to hang up my modeling heels. I guess I'll see.....

Tuesday my Dad goes back to the doctor and I'm really really having faith that he is going to get good news. I don't want to think about the fear he must be feeling right now. He battled cancer already and he knows what is in store if it's back. I hate even thinking about the thoughts going through his mind or how scared he must be.

Hopefully this week will be a good one and a better one! I pray that things fall into place this week and are a little less stressful. I hope that my Dad gets good results Tuesday and that my family can take a sigh of relief. I am remaining faithful that this week is going to be a GOOD week with many blessings!!!!! God is good and I will remain in faith!

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