July 24, 2010

Random Morning Thoughts

Laying in bed watching The Hills and randomly looking over at my bebe sleeping. He has been working so hard the past couple of weeks.  Ah, I totally admire this guy and everything about him!

So, this week was pretty tough. My car keeps giving me problems and yes, once again leaving me stranded. I think it's time to trade it in.....ugh. The thought of going through all that again makes me ill. I'm not big into cars so car shopping does not sound fun to me at all! The truth is, I gotta do something though.

Well, Bej will be moving into his new house and I will be moving into a house in Springdale with one of my best friends. My lease is up and tired of living in an apartment already.

I am just so super happy now with life! My last few months have been so peaceful and amazing. Work is great, friends are amazing, and my love life is for once exactly what I always imagined it to be. I can't even believe I was missing this type of romance my whole dating life. I'm just happy he finally came into my life and at the perfect time. He's helped me realize so much! I couldn't be happier with life! God is good!!!

Anyway, so I am shooting my first photo shoot this evening. I'm so super excited! It'll be so much fun! I have some great ideas and ready to put those ideas into action! It'll be a good time! I will shoot one shoot at 6PM and another shoot right after that....so, I'm really excited to see how these shots come out. I'll post some of those as soon as I'm finished editing. Good times!

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