July 18, 2010

Things That Make Life Precious

So, a quick update from the last time I blogged.....

Last weekend was a very eventful weekend. We had girl's night, which was WAY fun. Haven't had a night with my girls in a while and so it was MUCH MUCH needed for all of us! Tracey, Kara, and Heather are so busy with motherhood, Hanni and I have been so lost in our new relationships (well not so new anymore), Shannon has been so busy with work and modeling, and the others are so busy with school and their internships that we've all just been so busy. I was amazed that we actually found a night that we could all make it (well minus a few of our other besties). It was a fun night out with the girls!

Then Saturday we celebrated Bejan's birthday. We had an amazing night with some wonderful friends! We are truly blessed!

Then Sunday we celebrated Hailey's wedding shower! I'm so happy for her and so blessed to share this exciting time with such a special couple. This couple hasn't even kissed! That is how pure their relationship is! I know God is going to bless their relationship so much! They truly inspire me and so many others!!!! They really are a genuine example of how God intended a pure and blessed relationship to be. There is so much love and patience between them that it shines every time we are around them. The love Austin has for Hailey is immaculate and you can just see it in his eyes when he looks at her and how gentle and respectful he is with her. He really treats her like a precious princess and they both amaze me so much!

I am still on the Church hunt. I can't seem to find one that I want to call home yet. Fellowship has a wonderful missions ministry but the Church is so big that I just don't know that I could settle there. Keypoint is amazing and I already know a lot of the women there from the Women's Lock In that I went to a few months back. I just don't get the feeling though that God wants me THERE. I know God will lead me to the Church He wants me to attend, so I'm just waiting patiently until He moves me in one direction or another.

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