October 24, 2010

day 29- in this past month, what have you learned

In the past month I have learned that I am stronger than what I give myself credit for.....both physically and emotionally.  I have learned that life is too precious to focus on negative things.  I have learned that it is important that we surround ourselves with the right people....positive, good, and loving.  However, negative people need love and support also, so make sure to show them the love of Christ by your actions and how you treat them.  It's important to have the gift of discernment to do this.....as to not get yourself too caught up in the negativity of others but be able to show them the love that Christ shows us.  It's about a good balance and knowing who to trust.  They say love is absent without trust but I disagree.  I have learned that you can love somebody with all you have but it's impossible to trust them....those are the people that you still show kindness to but you don't trust them.  Discernment! 

I have learned that God puts the desires in our hearts and it is important to trust Him and to not hold on too tightly to those dreams.  We must give Him space to develop the desires of our hearts to reality.  Faith!

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