December 4, 2010

Adding To My CHRISTmas List but all I really want is what I already have!

I need a new James Avery cross necklace.  Not particularly this one but this is one of my favorites. 

Also a new Nutcracker....I have collected these for the last four years and I'm very proud of my little collection.  I get these all for gifts.  My very first one was given to me by a sweet woman whom I admired very much.  Since then friends and family have added to the collection. 

Yes, I have a Christmas list because my family and my boyfriend who spoils me WAY too much insisted on one but like I told Bejan....I truly have everything I want.  There isn't a gift in the world that could ever outdo the amazing blessings I already have.  I have an amazing family, fabulous girlfriends, and a phenomenal boyfriend who is everything I have ever wanted in a mate.  What more could a girl want? 

This man and the happines we share is my amazing Christmas blessing and is truly my Christmas miracle!

I'm SOOOOO excited to decorate Bejan's house this weekend! He's putting lights on the house tomorrow while I decorate inside.  I got out all of my decorations from storage today and it was amazing to go through all of my stuff.  I haven't used my decorations since the last Christmas I spent in Arkansas before moving back to Texas two years ago.  I missed all of my cute stuff!  EXCITED!!!!!!!  I just heart the Christmas Holidays!!!!!  I'm so super excited to spend Christmas with Bejan.  It's been nine months since we started dating and I still cannot get over how amazing and sweet he is.  I swear I am the luckiest girl in the world!  After all I have been through in's amazing to finally have found something so true and genuine and to finally have a relationship that can be honored!  We have built such a peaceful and loving home.  He is EVERYTHING I have ever wanted.  I love his calm and peaceful attitude.  I love our little inside jokes and I most of all love his ambition in life and in his career.  I have never dated anybody so career oriented and goal oriented.  It's such an honor to date somebody who works so hard to provide for himself and who's goal is to provide for a family and to put all the love and faith he can into his home.  I honestly never though I would find this.  He is proof that God does really answer prayers.....prayers I have had since I was a little girl.  I was beginning to think men like this didn't exist.  I must say that even if I get NOTHING that's on my "Christmas List".....I have EVERYTHING I have ever wanted.  A life of love, peace, joy, and I am FINALLY that woman I always wanted to be.  I am finally that honest and loyal woman and I am finally somebody I am proud to be.  I can look at myself in the mirror and truly love me!  A life changed has truly been an amazing blessing and I owe it all to my God.....and I know He isn't finished with me and that life will only get better!  Even during trials.....I know how blessed I am and over the last month I have had some hard times but through it all I have felt the grace and peace of God and have been able to remain calm and faithful through the storms!!!  Life is good and my God is AMAZING!!!!!!

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