December 7, 2010

Motives, Actions, And Conscience

So, lately I've been thinking about motives.  Maybe it's all of the psychology I studied in college but I tend to always try and read the whys of somebody's actions.  It is amazing how you just never know the motive behind an action.  All we can do is learn to control our own motives and our own actions.  We know when our actions and motives are pleasing to God because we are rewarded with peace and when pride and greed enter our hearts and guide our actions and motives, we begin to travel down the road to chaos and destruction.

Chaos and destruction is an awful place to be.  Some people cannot seem to get out of this place no matter how hard they try (I've been there).  They tend to keep doing "good actions" to get out of this hell hole we call "Chaos and Destruction", however cannot seem to get out.  When this happens, it is usually because our actions might appear to be good but the motives behind them are not.  God knows our motives behind every decision and action.  He judges our motives, not simply our actions.  It is vital to always be aware of why we are doing something.

This is why having a conscience is important.  Our Conscience is like a compass.  If your moral compass is out of whack, well don't expect to be traveling on a smooth road. It's impossible to have a pure peace when our conscience is non existent or we are simply numb to it.  It is impossible for us to follow God's will if we are not allowing Him to guide our motives, actions, or conscience.  These components are vital to Honoring Him and Honoring the will He gave us. I encourage you today to ask yourself questions before making a decision or acting upon something.  Ask yourself what your motive is and make sure your moral compass is leading you in the right direction!  God's will is the road to be traveling on.  Do not let anything detour you!

God Bless,

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