February 27, 2011

The Love Dare

Love.  Love is the most powerful single word in the dictionary.  It is a word that is understood not just by the word but by actions.  It means the same in every language, every country, every religion, and in every relationship.  Love is about patience and kindness and growth.  I will be the first to admit that I went through most of my life not truly knowing what this powerful word meant or even how it felt.  I THOUGHT I knew.  In my head for many years, even in my early adult years, love was nothing but an amazing and magical feeling.  Love is a feeling but it is also an action, a way of life, how we treat others, and how we view the people in our life.  Love.  It's the single most powerful little word and the most wanted need in life.  Everybody needs this tiny word, love.   

The Love Dare is what the movie Fireproof is based on.  If you haven't seen that movie, I highly suggest it.  The Love Dare does mainly focus on married couples but why not start now?  If you are in a relationship going towards marriage or even have the desire to be married one day even if you are currently single, challenge yourself to The Love Dare.  It is never ever a wrong time to love.  For the next 40 days or maybe even 40 plus days, I will be challenging myself to The Love Dare.  I did start three days ago but will actually be doing Dare To Be Kind again.  My sister blessed me with the book for my Birthday last night and I knew the second day was "Love is Kind" and practiced kindness in my mind, however, after reading the book this morning I think I need to try that one again.  So, as I start my journey of The Love Dare, I invite you guys to join me and follow my adventure!  I look forward to seeing the power of love in my life!

Love today.  I dare you!

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