April 2, 2012

A Very Joyful Update

So, I haven't blogged about life in a while.  I have had so much going on but life is good nonetheless.  I have been battling getting a heart condition under control but if anything, this has made me realize that much more how precious life is and especially my heart, both literally and figuratively speaking.

Recently we celebrated my roommate's new job and departure from Wal-Mart.  We had a great time and I'm so happy for him and super uber proud of him!  He's a smart guy and deserves an amazing job that will appreciate him.  I'm so excited for this new chapter in his life!

The next night, Shannon and I had movie night.  We watched Lifetime Movies and a Dateline NBC show on Mail order Brides....haha.  It was entertaining to say the least and informative.  It is so crazy how things like that go on in this world.

The following weekend was my 34th birthday!  I have got to say that even in the midst of me becoming an old balls, I have come to realize how amazingly blessed I am!  I have the most amazing family and friends that a gal could ask for!  My birthday was very sweet filled with lots of love and joy.  On my birthday Shannon, Rebecca, and Jenny took me to lunch and that evening the girls went and watched The Vow!  Friday night my friends and I all had dinner at Shogun and then went and watched The Lorax!  Fun fun fun stuff!  I felt so loved and so very blessed!


Shortly after my birthday, I had a sweet visit from my bestest bestest friend from back home.  Margo and her family came in for a visit and it was a very blessed weekend indeed.  The first night we took the kids to eat at Crabbies and hung out at the house.  The next night Margo and I spent a girl's day together of mani/pedi time and shopping while Jason and Trent played golf at Pinnacle.  That evening we met up with Tracey and had a hilarious and fun night!  I was so sad to see them leave but I was very thankful for the time I had them here with me! 

The day after Margo and family left, we celebrated Tait's 3rd birthday.  That kid is growing up so fast!  Love him so much!

After Tait's Birthday party I had dinner and celebrated St. Patrick's day with some of my bestest friends.  It was the first time I ever tried GREEN beer and it was YUM!

Last week while having dinner with a friend we ran into Judge Jon Comstock!  I wuv him!  He's one of my most favoritest people in the world!!! 

Last week also marked the first day of the new tennis session!  That's right, I'm gonna rock the tennis courts again! WORD!

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