May 31, 2012

My Becca Boo Is A Married Grown Up Now!!

So one of my closest and dearest friends in the whole world said her nuptials a couple of weeks ago and I still cannot get over it!  She is going to be an amazing wife and phenomenal mother and I'm so proud of her!  The wedding was beautiful and she was GORGEOUS (as usual)!!!!! 

Becca and I met when we were both semi-pro cheerleaders for the NWA Wolfpack Football Team. 

We had lots of good times and lots of bad times on the squad but I must say that through it all, I am so thankful for the times I spent on that squad and so thankful that I had the opportunity to experience all that I experienced and I couldn't have asked for a better group of girls to have on the journey with me.  I learned a lot about myself and I got to meet these lovely ladies!

Most of which I am still super close with and most who will be a part of my life forever!  All of these girls will always be very dear to my heart and I know I can call on them if I ever need anything and I hope they know I am always here for them as well.  All of us have of course moved on from the "spot light" and most are now married with kiddos. 

I love these girls and it's an honor to watch all of our lives unfold and see all the blessings that God has bestowed upon our lives! 

CONGRATS BECCA! So proud of you and happy for you! I love you Becca Boo!!!!

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