July 20, 2012

It's Ok Thursday

 ~ It's ok that I'm a day late on "It's Ok" THURSDAY! ~ I was busy being amazing yesterday!  Today, not so busy with that.  It's coming together more naturally today! HA

~ It's ok that I'm really not that funny.....or that amazing! Wah wah wahhhhh......

~ It's ok that I only had a beer and half last night at Friend's Bowling Night and today I feel like I was doing keg stands all night ~ must mean I'm becoming an old balls..... can I get another Wah wah waaaah!
                                      WAH WAH WAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

~ It's ok that I can't please everybody ~ Starting to come to terms with this and not let it get me down! I try and that's all I can do sometimes.....

~ It's ok that I'm finally standing up for myself after 34 years of being a doormat to others.... I actually told a friend "no" today and I actually shocked myself.  WOW!  I'm growing up *tear*

~ It's ok that people are shitty and I get annoyed by this and that I'm slowly learning to just let it go and trust that God will work in their hearts (or mine if mine is being too sensitive because that happens with me time to time or work in my heart if I need to change something so that they aren't so shitty, although there's never an excuse to be shitty.....I'm learning that myself too because I know I'm capable of being shitty too).....on that note.....

~It's ok that my heart is a little "too sensitive" at times, lets me know that I'm not numb or cold to the world or to others and this is easy to do after being hurt so many times.  I'm glad my heart has stayed sensitive to feelings throughout my life as it could have been a very easy thing to turn cold and bitter and numb to things.  I never want to be numb, been close to numb (I think when I dated that what's his name for five years.....close to numb because I had to be but....another story another day)

~It's ok that I share a lot of photos and quotes and stuff on facebook....my big family are all on fb and we're all spread out all over the world and this is how a lot of us keep close to one another because who has time to share news or quotes or things going on in life one on one with 80 million family members.....

~annnnnnd it's ok that I over exaggerated just there....ha but I really do have a HUGE family!

~It's ok that it's comfy Friday and my co-worker has "poopy britches" on because you know what....she's fabulous and looks fabulous in her poopy britches....P.S. they are poopy britches because she's losing weight....HELLS YEAH!

~It's ok that we missed Quartermania beers last night at Quartermania bowling because we all had a fabulous time and we lived and learned and next time, our beer drinkers know about Quartermania beer!  Oh no....maybe that's not so ok...oh well.....beer drinkers gonna drink, right?

~aaaaand it's ok that I totally sucked at bowling and laser tag.....AND Go Kart races last night....I was last in all three....but that's ok because I was surrounded by some of the people I love the most and THAT was first place in my heart! 

~it's ok that Mark Zuckerberg is in my building right now and I can't meeting stalk him....that's against company policy....SHOOT!

~It's ok that I'm being whiny and crybabyish today because it's MY BLOG and I'll CRY on it if I want to..... WAAAAAAHHHHHHHH


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