December 31, 2011

Saying Goodbye To Chapter 2011 and HELLO to Chapter 2012

WOW!!!! A new year is on the horizon! So hard to believe that another year has come and gone!  The great thing about going into a new year is being able to go back and reflect on your last year.  I am sure most everybody can relate when I say, "WHOA! What a year!"  I am amazed when I look back and see all that happens in ONE is so amazing the changes that take place in our lives in just ONE year!  Wow!

I was reading my blog from last year's Chapter 2011 blog and WHOA, it's amazing to think about where I was this time last year and how different my life was.  It is definitely a good whoa though, that's for sure!  A lot did happen over the last year and through it all I had God's guidance and love.  I can honestly say that I had many of hard nights that with out His love, I wouldn't have made it through some events as peacefully or as gracefully as I did. 

I said goodbye to some relationships and friendships and hello to some new ones.  I opened up my heart to change even when I knew the pain would be unbearable.  I prayed and followed His guidance even when my flesh disagreed and what He wanted for me at the time was not what I wanted BUT I obeyed any way.  I said goodbye to a relationship and to a person I loved with all that I had but I knew God was guiding me to cut the relationship off and move on.  I didn't understand at the time but I do now.  He had another plan for me.  A plan that has so far exceeded any expectations I have ever had and I'm so thankful for God's guidance and that He loves me so much that He DOES have a will for my life and that He does guide me through seasons that I don't understand or even when I don't know what I'm doing.

I have seen God work in my life so much this year.  I have experienced prayers help me through some difficult times and I have praised Him through the good and through the bad!  I have seen His love and His grace touch friends and family and it amazes me every time.  I love hearing how He helps my loved ones through the storms and how He blesses them.  I can only pray that 2012 will be a blessing for everybody that I love.  Not saying we won't have hard times because, we will.  I just pray that there are more great than bad and that through the bad, we continue to give Him Praise, Glory, and most of all TRUST!

So, I started looking back at my goals from last year and some of them I met and others, not so much. I had a goal of speaking more pleasantly and loving towards others and to myself.  I have become a better speaker and I have learned to watch my tongue more but this is definitely a goal I will keep for 2012. 

The things that still did not seem to be my season for me were running a marathon, going on a mission trip, and completing my second book.  Maybe 2012 will be my season!  However, I did grow in my passion for photography and that is something that makes me so happy!!!! I hope my passion will continue to grow in this area and that I continue to grow creatively and technically as a photographer!  There is still so much to learn and do but I am SO excited to see what 2012 brings for my photography business. 

Last year I prayed for the right relationships to continue in my life and to be able to discern and remove the ones that did not need to be there.  I continue to pray that for myself and I imagine I always will.  I have slowly let go of some friendships that were toxic and my eyes continue to open up to a couple of more that are not so good for me.  So, just like any other year, 2012 will be a year of saying goodbye but a year of new friendships and relationships in my life and I'm so excited to see who comes into my life next year.  Some of the new and amazing friendships that I have built this year are with some of the most amazing girlfriends I could ever ask for.  Haley, Kirsten, Cindy, and Miranda have have brought more of God into my life and some great girlfriend time that I cherish!  I'm really blessed to have all four of these Godly women in my life and I pray that God continue to be the center of our friendships. 

So, HELLO 2012!  I welcome you with open arms!  I'm so ready for the journey God is about to take me on and so ready to have an amazing year!  HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS!

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